• Where do I begin?

    Click on the Signup link at the top of the page. Registration is absolutely FREE and places you under no further obligation to use SMSBundles. When you are ready, you simply purchase SMS stock and begin.

  • How do I get 5 Free SMSs

    Simply by regsitering your account wil be credited with 5 Free SMSs. Use them to test the system, or keep them to add to additional stock that you may purchase in future.

  • How do I Log In?

    Once registered, you will receive an SMS with your user name, password, as well as an Activation Code. Use the user name and password to Log In at the top of the page, and use the Activation Code to activate your account.

  • How do I purchase stock?

    On the MyAccount page are several headings. Under the one entitled SMS Credits is a link called Purchase Credits. Click on it, and you will be asked how many credits you wish to purchase, and how you wish to pay for them.

  • May I purchase any amount of SMSs?

    No. SMSBundles sells bulk SMSs in set amounts (See the Pricing page). Obviously, the more you purchase, the less it will cost you.

  • What payment methods are available to me?

    You may pay via EFT - banking details are on the site. Once payment has cleared in our account (we have two bank accounts for your convenience), we will activate your credits.

  • How do I set up recipients for my SMSs?

    On the MyAccount page is a heading entitled My Phonebook. Here you may add individual cell numbers, set up Groups, upload files of numbers. Spend some time familiarising yourself with these options, and find the one that suits your needs best.

  • Can an Individual recipient be a member of multiple groups?


  • Do I have to purchase stock before I set up my Phonebook?

    No. You may spend as long as you wish setting up your Phonebook. Once youre satisfied, stock may be purchased. However, no SMSs may be sent if your stock level is insufficient.