NGOs, Schools and Religious Groups

We are able to offer special packages and rates to NGOs, schools and religious organisations.

To find out more about these special packages and rates please contact us by clicking here

Numberof SMSsDiscount %R/SMS
(VAT excl.)
Tot. Price
(VAT excl.)
2000.00R 0.40R 80.00
5003.00R 0.39R 195.00
100027.50R 0.29R 290.00
500030.00R 0.28R 1 400.00
1000032.50R 0.27R 2 700.00
3000035.00R 0.26R 7 800.00
5000037.50R 0.25R 12 500.00
10000040.00R 0.24R 24 000.00
25000045.00R 0.22R 55 000.00
50000050.00R 0.20R 100 000.00

PLEASE NOTE: ONE SMS is 160 characters or part thereof - a longer message will necessitate the use of more than one SMS from your stock. SMSs can only be sent to numbers where Standard Rates apply i.e. Premium rated (VAS Rates) or out of bundle SMS rates, such as Short Code numbers, do not apply.